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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the turn around time for a restoration?

Normally you can expect to receive your alternator in about 2-3 weeks.

Do you guarantee the alternators?

Every alternator has a lifetime guarantee to be free from defects in
material and workmanship. Just return it and we'll fix it!

Can you restore my original alternator and will I get my own alternator

Your alternator can be restored to your specifications and you will get
your own alternator case back with new internal components.

My original alternator only has a 37 ampere output, can the output be
increased during the restoration to power my modern stereo system?

The output of the original Delco 10DN or 10SI alternators can be
increased to 70 amperes at no additional cost.

What is the cost to restore my original alternator?

The cost to restore your alternator will range from $195 to $250,
depending upon application.

What is the cost to buy a restored alternator outright?

The outright cost for a restored alternator will run from $200 to $1000,
depending upon the application and options.

Why should I have my alternator clearcoated?

Bare Aluminum will oxidize rapidly under certain conditions and
clearcoating the bare aluminum will greatly retard the natural oxidation
process. The product that we use is basically invisible, rated for 600
degrees and will not yellow or peel.

Can you correctly date code the alternator diodes?

The 6 diodes visible from the rear of the alternator are correctly date
coded to match the date code of the alternator.

What type of parts are used in the restoration?

All replaced internal parts are USA made and exceed original parts

What is the cost of shipping my alternator?

UPS ground shipping with insurance is $25 to the lower 48 States.

How are the aluminum castings of the alternator restored?

The aluminum castings are first cleaned of all grease, paint and debris.
They are then subjected to a special patented machine process which
restores the aluminum to it's original color, texture and finish. This
process is the same process that delco used to clean the rough
castings when they came out of the mold, prior to machining and

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